Dear warm weather, you old fart, THANKSx100% for swinging by. I know it is hard to believe that you’re here, but you are, and cheers to that!
For the last couple of days I’ve been exploring new blocks of Madison with my gang and my 85mm prime lens. Long walks, coffee, sunsets and cold beer afterwards- to wrap things up… Can’t complain much here…
I’ve been shooting prime lenses a lot lately. I am pretty sure I am falling in love. Al the images below where shot with my 85mm. With this telephoto guy and my 35mm and 50mm on the side I really feel that I have all what I need. Lighter, faster and smaller makes so much sense. And of course, makes you think, compose, recompose, step up front and step back.
And then the shutter goes “click”. Definitely one of my favorite sounds (:
As the old Musia’s proverb says: “Life is inevitably is getting better”…

DSC_7617_madison_wi_photographer DSC_7639_madison_wi_photographerDSC_7600_madison_wi_photographer DSC_7465_madison_wi_photographerDSC_7480_madison_wi_photographer DSC_7485_madison_wi_photographer DSC_7494_madison_wi_photographer DSC_7495_madison_wi_photographer