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Video communications are enjoying their prime season. In particular, I am talking online video conferences, video consulting services, video streaming and video sales calls.

Not to mention the role video play on ALL social media platforms.

Yes, need for video production and video conferences has been accelerated by Covid-19. But we all know, that when pandemic is over, video conferences and other video services are not going anywhere. Demand for video services and video conferencing will continue to grow.

“How to look better in my videos during conferences and live streaming?”

People ask me this question a lot lately.

And to be honest, the answer is quite simple. At least for me.

See, as a headshot and portrait photographer, it’s what I do for living. I make people look good.

On the other hand, if you don’t have much experience in that field, the answer gets quite complicated.

3 minute video that talks about how to look better in your video conferences and video sales calls.


Firstly, let’s talk video conferencing equipment. Unfortunately your phone, tablet or laptop won’t cut it. In other words, you’re looking for quality, you’re looking a wrong place.

Secondly, you’ll need basic knowledge about light/lighting, environment, room layout, number of participants, camera settings, hardware, software setup, etc.

I’ll be sharing video conferencing tips on my Youtube channel, but with so many variables, it just too complicated find one video conferencing setup solution that works for every individual.

It’s important to realize that all that basic knowledge on how to do video conferencing office setup is freely available online. Of course, you could just go for DIY video conference setup.  Figure out how it works, buy most up to date video conferencing equipment, build it, fine tune it and be a rock star. However, you will have some homework to do.

Video conferencing consulting specialist Video conferencing consulting and setup specialist

Image on the LEFT (BEFORE) is a screen shot of video captured via my iMac 27″ built in camera. Image on the RIGHT is a screenshot of video captured via the external mirrorless camera.

I’m here to help those who value their time and have other things to worry about.

Below is a breakdown list of the services that are included in my video conferencing setup and video conferencing consultation package:

/ Evaluate video conferencing environment and budget

  • Available lighting and angles to determine best video conferencing background
  • See if additional lighting would be needed
  • Learn client’s budget and value /quality ratio for all necessary equipment

/ Pick video conferencing equipment and hardware

  • Pick best camera and lens combination for video conferencing
  • Microphone
  • Lights/ lighting
  • Find best power options
  • Order the right cables
  • Discuss other video conference accessories (i.e. teleprompter)

/ Build a rig and dial in all the settings

  • Put all hardware together
  • Dial and sync all the equipment (camera, microphone, etc.)
  • Setup streaming software

/ Training session so you can:

  • Evaluate environment
  • See light depending on time of day/ lighting conditions
  • Adjust camera settings
  • Adjust and monitor audio settings
  • Navigate and use software on your computer

To summarize, video conferencing equipment is fully customizable to adjust for individual and business needs. Also, there’s a possibly that the camera you already own could be used as an external video camera for video conferencing.

My individual video conferencing consulting pricing starts at $950.

Depending on your budget and needs, purchase cost for new video conferencing equipment could range anywhere from around $300 to $2,700.

I offer Video conferencing consulting for individuals and businesses. Video conferencing consulting is designed to work on location. If needed, video conferencing consulting is available via online video chat. Serving Central and Southwestern Wisconsin.